ScribeVision (SVC2)

ScribeVision™ systems have been in use by the United States military since 1999, providing web based command and control to military commanders during peacekeeping assignments and combat training missions worldwide.

ScribeVision Technologies, Inc. in now making this proven solution available for use in Homeland Security, Civil Defense and Law Enforcement applications. The same design specifications that make ScribeVision™ an indispensable tool to the military also make it a logical solution for emergency managers, first
responders and civilian authorities.

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ScribeVision Technologies, Inc. (STI) is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive access control point solutions available today.

MIDAAVS+A™ (Modular ID and Access Authority Verification System with Integrated Asset Tracking) offers a single web based solution for both vehicle and personnel entry point security. MIDAAVS+A™ provides security personnel with automated vehicle identification, wireless access to registration
and access authority/employment verification and automated gate operations.


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