STI - ScribeVision Technologies, Inc

ScribeVision Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, delivers and supports software/hardware solutions for military command and control, decision support and access control point/asset tracking systems. These applications are also applicable to Homeland Defense requirements at local, state and national levels.

The company is a veteran owned small business as classified by the CCR.


ScribeVision Technologies, Inc. was founded as a Veteran owned small business. The principals have served in the military from the Viet Nam war through Desert Storm to the war in Iraq.

They have been active duty and National Guard and worked with the DOD. In addition, they have worked through emergency management assignments, hurricane response and relief as well as foreign deployments in Bosnia and Europe.

Their understanding of how to apply their technologies to solving the problems of today’s military grows out of experience.

ScribeVision Technologies, Inc.

144 Chippewa Ave.,

Tampa, Fl. 33606-3520